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WelCalm is the best and most practical way to say “Welcome” to new teammates!

WelCalm is a human resource management application to facilitate the recruitment process as a digital orientation program. It supports new employees to take the necessary actions remotely during the orientation process and the human resources team to follow these actions easily via the digital platform.

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Meet WelCalm

What a new employee can do with WelCalm?

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Have a digital introduction to the company before employment,

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Acknowledge and upload the employment documents online,

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Complete the trainings required to start the job online,

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Reach important persons’ contact information such as orientation coach, human resources or teammates easily !

Why WelCalm?

WelCalm facilitates the orientation and job entry process for the candidate, the company and the human resources department by ensuring that the documents required for the recruitment process are uploaded online and the candidate is informed about the company. By reducing physical contact, it ensures that the process progresses more safely and quickly, while also contributing to the brand image.

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Customer Success Stories

Significant Improvement

Thanks to WelCalm, we have achieved a significant improvement in the digitalization of the recruitment process. It is a pleasant experience for our new colleagues, both in terms of sustainability and employee experience.

A Warm Welcome

We warmly welcome our colleagues who will join our team with WelCalm and we can inform them about our institution before they even start work. The application is our recommendation to all companies that value the employer brand. Thanks WelCalm.

Saving Time

WelCalm has a simple and understandable interface, when new friends have joined us, they can access easily all the information they need to know about the company so they can adapt to the company culture and the working structure of Kolay IK. Morover, we save a lot of time by seeing and following the employment and necessary documents during the onboarding process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install any software to use WelCalm?

No, you don’t have to install software onto individual computers. WelCalm operates from the cloud, so you can access it any time, anywhere, and from any device that is connected to the internet.

Will WelCalm help me with the implementation?

Yes. A member of the WelCalm support team will help you set up WelCalm, transfer your company data, and show you how to get the most out of WelCalm.

In addition to the monthly basic fee, are there any other hidden costs?

You will need to negotiate the onboarding fee directly with one of our account more executive. Onboardings are prepared to take into consideration your company size and your specific request.

Can I also use modules individually and not in a package?

You can use our “Starter” or “Growth”-Packages without the “Recruiting” add-on. Please contact us for a more detailed answer.

Is my data secure and the software GDPR compliant?!

Absolutely. We take data security extremely seriously.

My company has several locations worldwide. How does that work with WelCalm?

We got you covered! You can create and manage any number of domestic and foreign companies with different time zones for locations abroad.

Why should I use WelCalm?

One-stop source for employee on-boarding, HR information, and benefits information. Companies previously was scattered across multiple systems. With WelCalm they gained a ton of capacity on their team by not having to manually process so many issues.

Can I get support on implementing the software to my company? Do you offer free trials? How can I get a Demo?

Of course, our team will collabrate with you for the implementation process. In order to introduce the system, we make product presentations and share a demo user information. You can try the product with all its functions. Contact us via our website.

How do I open a new candidate record to the system?

With our simplified interface, you can easily record your candidate in seconds by entering the information in the "Add Candidate" section.

What is the best pricing package for my company?

You can contact us for the best pricing package. Our product consultants can recommend the most suitable package for you after analyzing your needs and processes.

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Meet WelCalm

Everything your new teammates need is in WelCalm!