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Facilitate and accelerate candidates’ orientation process.

Candidates get the opportunity to meet the company before starting their jobs and quickly access the information they want to know about the process through the application.

•They deliver the employment documents via the application.

•Notifications frequently remind the candidates about their tasks.

•They follow the training they need to take through the application.

•They can quickly access the contact information of the people they need to reach.

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Human Resources manage the candidate processes with ease through the system.

Candidates’ tasks regarding the recruitment processes like document delivery and training completion are tracked and reported through the web-based management screens.

•WelCalm minimizes the physical contact during the document delivery process.

•The follow-up of recruitment processes is automated and carried out through a single application.

•It is possible to customize based on packages by creating different user groups.

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The company introduces itself to the candidates digitally and initiates the orientation process.

The company prensents the information they want to provide to the candidates through the system and creates a difference regarding its competitor by saying “digital welcome” to them.

•The canidate is provided with the necessary information about the company.

•It contributes to the company’s brand image and increases the probability of being preferred by the candidates.

•Economic orientation support process is offered instead of costly onboarding solutions.

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