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(“Information Notice”) 

As our customer and/or employee of our customer, your personal data shall be shared with, and may be processed by Doğuş Bilgi İşlem ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. (the “Company”) in the capacity of data controller to the extent explained below upon being saved in a software application whose servers are located abroad, and whose customer relations are managed by ourselves, in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (the “Law”). 

For detailed information on the processing of your personal data by our Company, you can access the Policy on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data available at the address of https://www.d-teknoloji.com.tr/kisisel-verilerin-korunmasi-politikasi. 

1.Method of Collecting Your Personal Data 

Pursuant to Article 5(2) of the Law, your personal data are collected by the Company's data controller verbally, in writing or electronically through either automated or non-automated methods on the grounds of conclusion of a sales or service agreement with you or on the basis of your explicit consent for us to provide you with information on the services of our Company and to contact you, via the following means or other means to be added in future.  

2.Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data 

Your personal data collected will be processed in accordance with the key principles set forth in the Law and the conditions for the processing of personal data set forth in Article 5 of the Law for the following purposes: execution of financing and accounting procedures, conducting loyalty processes for the services of our Company, conducting communication activities, execution of procurement of services, execution of after sales support services for services, conducting sales of services, conducting service production and operation processes, conducting customer relationship management processes, conducting customer satisfaction activities, executing marketing processes of services, and conducting campaign processes, provided that the data are saved in CRM. 

3.Your Personal Data To Be Processed 

Identity information such as the name and last name of the employees of customers, as well as contact details such as e-mail and phone are processed for registration with CRM. In addition, the employee's job position and additional information to be provided by the employee may also be recorded. 

These personal data shall be processed and shared for the foregoing purposes, and the obligation for providing information to the relevant employee on the issue, obtaining the employee's explicit consent and sending it to our Company shall rest with you as the data controller for the relevant employee. 

4.Transfer of Your Personal Data to Third Parties and/or Abroad 

Your personal data collected may be transferred to third parties in accordance with the conditions for the processing of personal data set forth in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law for the purposes set forth in this Information Notice and on the basis of your explicit consent on the grounds of use of some internal cloud-based software applications or software applications whose servers are located abroad or on the grounds of performance of the contract pursuant to the provisions of the contract we will sign with you as the Customer. 

You hereby undertake to obtain the explicit consent of the employee for such transfer and send such consent to our Company, and to ensure that the relevant employee(s) does/do not raise any right claims towards the Company therefor. 

5.Access to Your Personal Data and Your Rights Under the Law 

Your rights under Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data are as follows: 

If you, as personal data subjects, prepare your requests related to your rights and send them to our Company at the address of kisiselverilerim@d-teknoloji.com.trin line with the Communiqué on Principles and Procedures Governing Applications to be Filed with Data Controllers, Doğuş Teknoloji shall conclude this request free of charge and as soon as possible and no later than within thirty days according to the nature of the request.  >

If the procedure requires an additional cost, the fee specified in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board may be charged by Doğuş Teknoloji.